Natalie Chowdhury

Freelancer – Consulting & Research

“Communicate your terms clearly to clients to avoid misunderstandings and problems at a later stage.”

Tell us about yourself

MBA with around 15 years of experience encompassing a blend of market research, customer service and consulting. Associated with the market research industry for more than 10 years. I have been involved with different types of projects/studies (including specialised sensory panels/product evaluations) for clients across industries gaining diverse experience in client relationship management, cross functional coordination and project management. I have more than 7 years of consulting experience with KPMG and D&B which involved process reviews, advisory services, revenue assurance cum standard operating procedure (SOP) assignments, customer experience analysis and benchmarking, B2B & B2C research (including NPS studies, enriched database deliveries, market assessment studies among others)

I’m an army kid who has travelled extensively. I studied in Cathedral & John Connon School and completed my BA with Honours in Economics from St. Xaviers College. In my free time I like to read, swim, go horse riding, travel, do nail art, cook, play badminton, go for walks and work on DIY projects.

What does it mean for you to work on your own?
After our baby was born, I decided to opt for freelancing instead of resuming work full time to be able to spend more time with my child. In most of my jobs, the work life balance had been far from ideal and going back to the exhausting work days was something I couldn’t have managed if I wanted to devote more time to our child. Freelancing gives me option of jobs which are remote/work from home or hybrid so I can be at home even while I am working. It saves me time that I would have spent on commuting and gives me the flexibility to manage my time better.
How did you find your niche as an Independent Consultant?
I didn’t want to go back to the gruelling schedule of a full time, on-site corporate job after having my child. I started looking for options which would enable me to keep working so as not to let my education as well as experience remain unutilised. I enlisted with websites/platforms which have online consulting opportunities as well as project based opportunities.
What challenges do you face as an Independent Consultant?

It can be challenging to find work. Quite a few companies don’t hire external/freelance consultants so opportunities with companies can sometimes be limited. The team one works with may not give an independent consultant the same consideration which they would give their own employees/team members so they don’t respect your time or your other commitments (work can be assigned last minute, continue till the wee hours of the morning or extend to the weekends).

How do you usually find projects/work from clients?
I have registered with a few websites such as GLG, etc. which have helped me get consulting calls and platforms such as InsightGig which has helped me get projects. They contact me when they have requirements which match my experience. I review the opportunity and accept or decline. Some of the websites I registered on, months ago, didn’t provide me with any opportunities so that’s something one has to be cognisant about. Not all websites/platforms will work equally well for everyone.
Why did you sign up with InsightGig?

Sethukarasi very kindly reached out to me and explained the concept. InsightGig works with clients from market research which is one of my core areas of expertise. It seemed like a very good platform for freelance/independent consultants like myself. I wasn’t aware that a platform of this sort existed. I liked how considerate and patient she was with my queries/concerns. I liked it that she had the best interests of the consultant in mind unlike other instances in which the client is definitely given more importance (sometimes to an unfair extent).

How did InsightGig solve your challenges?
I worked on a project which was extremely challenging in terms of the timelines. I would receive work last minute, have very stringent deadlines, be expected to work 24×7 or on weekends or holidays. Sethukarasi was very considerate and had my best interests in mind. My payment was delayed and she kept following up with the client to get it processed.
How was your overall experience working with InsightGig? And how can the experience be improved?
I have had a very good experience with InsightGig. I worked on a fairly challenging project. Sethukarasi was always available to give me advice and to help me put things in perspective. She was always available and was rather understanding as well as supportive.
Tell us your tips on how to succeed as an Independent Consultant?
  • Find options through which you can get opportunities – could be websites, platforms or even personal networking if that works for you
  • Have a dedicated workspace – a desk, a room, a balcony. Whatever works for you. Have a space in which you can work undisturbed where children, pets, house help, etc. can’t get in. This is to be able to focus on your work and not be distracted
  • Communicate your terms clearly – sometimes clients can expect you to be available all the time and that could be very inconvenient. If it is an international client, check which time zone you’ll be working in and which days of the week you will be working on. This would help avoid misunderstandings and problems at a later stage
  • Give it your best effort – Take your work seriously. The assignment may be a short term one or it may even be just a call. Regardless of the duration, size or impact of the assignment ensure that you do your best. This would make the client view you as sincere and dedicated. They may recommend you to others or consider you again in the future.
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