Enjoy the future of work ​without the pressure of finding work

Focus on what you love. Leave the rest to us.

It’s both liberating and challenging to be a solopreneur or run a small firm. InsightGig gives you an integrated platform that removes the challenges of running your business out of the way so that you can focus on your Insighting

Work with a Global Clientele

Find exciting projects while allowing clients to discover you for their needs, with our two-way marketplace.

Showcase your Specializations

Present your skills effectively and creatively with our profile builder. Develop curated, easy-to-adopt solutions on the platform. Acquire clients with ease.

Access tools

Use our deep integrations to run your entire project on one platform, be it surveying, contracting, planning, budgeting, or project managing.

Amplify Expertise

Enjoy the ability to create dynamic teams and explore our Task Force Features to add specialist consultants to your projects

Simplify Project finances

Manage budgeting, choose payment methods, invoice clients, and track receivables all from a single place.

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