Personal Expert Team

My Experts

The expert who you can always count on during a crunch, the expert who goes above and beyond for your team, the expert who is a master storyteller…

We all have our favorite/go-to experts with whom we want to work time after time! And we want to be able to connect with them without having to go through the whole search and discovery process again.

Enter the “My Experts” section (we’re quite literal that way!). It’s the place where you can curate your favorite experts, create your own personal insight team and call on them when you need them.

It’s like having a direct line to your own team of superheroes!

Custom Tags

Do you want a way to identify the experts based on your own personal interaction with them? You can now create custom tags which allows you the freedom to bookmark experts with your own individual identifiers. This becomes especially helpful when you or your team want to contact them again for specific project types.

We don’t want to just facilitate gigs, we want to help you build enduring relationships with your Experts.