Built by Insight Teams
For Insight Teams

Insight Teams are the custodians of consumer knowledge in an organization. They have to be interdisciplinary, relevant and timely in order to drive true business impact. We created InsightGig to help them make this happen!

With InsightGig, Insight Custodians can:

Curate a thoughtful ecosystem of trusted partners
Adopt frameworks that drives efficiency to the insight generation process
Make insights easily accessible to everyone in the organization

Helping Insight Teams Do More, Better!

Create a Unified Ecosystem

InsightGig becomes the launchpad for all your insight initiatives allowing collaboration with Insight Experts as well internal business users

Collaboration is Key

Insight teams will always have to work with stakeholder of diverse skill sets, tool preferences and DNA. Embrace the diversity and create a mechanism for effective collaboration

Build Systems of Trust

This allows for creation of flexible teams, of diverse expertise that can be accessed when needed

Improve the Agility of Insight Projects

Repeatable frameworks and a decentralised approach allows for insight projects to be executed faster and sharper leading to timely insights

Treat Insights as Dynamic Assets

That are easily discoverable and extensible. No more searching through email threads and presentations to identify relevant insights and their contexts

Create a Plug & Play Stack

With easy integrations that allow you to use the right tool for the right context without creating a silo

Encourage Validation and Experimentation

By bringing back the business impact of insights to create an adoption loop

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