Deeper customer understanding leading to better business strategy

Vakilsearch is an online platform that offers services spanning legal, accounting, and secretarial needs of startups and established businesses. They were keen to understand what drives traditional companies to move from offline service providers to online ones, in order to better align their marketing and business strategy. We helped them conduct primary research to bring valuable and actionable insight for their business.

The challenge

Being a startup in a rapidly evolving market meant that Vakilsearch had to rely on gut feel when it came to customer understanding. They felt that the insight services currently available in the market were not aligned to its need for speed. Along with the skepticism about the time it would take to arrive at actionable insight, there were concerns around the quality of the insight, and the budgets required.

Our approach

When InsightGig began engaging with Vakilsearch, we were able to help them obtain insight through primary research among its target customers, through various steps, including:
Decoding the need
Converted the business context and objective into a detailed research brief within 2 working days, ensuring Insight Partners had a precise understanding of the need.
Finding a match quickly
Shared the brief with the right pre-vetted freelancers on the InsightGig network. This was done in 24 hours!
Enabling selection
Within a day of sending out the brief, proposals were received, and Vakilsearch could make their selection.
Augmenting the information:
While deliberating the scope of the project, insights on competition landscape were added to further enhance the value derived from the project.


  • The project was completed on time and included multiple presentations by the chosen Insight Partner.
  • It was completed with an estimated savings of more than 25% vis-à-vis large agencies.

With this experience, Vakilsearch also worked through InsightGig to set up a Customer Experience program, with NPS as the core metric.

Client Love InsightGig!

Client Testimonials

“Working with the InsightGig team has been great so far. Through them, we were able to find the right expert for our insight needs. We are already seeing results through the directions they provide on an ongoing basis - in line with changes made internally, as well as in response to the external dynamics. I would highly recommend InsightGig to help companies derive better market understanding and customer alignment in an actionable and cost-effective way.”

Prem K. Viswanath Head of Marketing, Vakilsearch