A critical Concept Test delivered cost-effectively, and on time!

A trailblazer in the construction industry, the VNC Group is a leader in welding electrodes, binding wires, fencing solutions, construction & waterproofing chemicals, and more. When they believed there was a niche opportunity in super-bright white paint formulated specifically for ceilings, they needed help to verify the hypothesis quickly. We helped them conduct a Concept Test among their target customers before the product launch.

The challenge

The VNC Group had earlier faced concerns in accessing high quality resources for generating insight. They were skeptical about large agencies meeting time and budget constraints. As for small agencies, they were not confident about delivery. Over time, they stopped reaching out to market research agencies altogether.

Our approach

When InsightGig began engaging with the VNC Group, we followed a systematic yet swift process to gain their confidence, including:
Decoding the need
Converted the business context and objective into a high-quality research brief, ensuring Insight Partners had a precise understanding of the need.
Finding a match quickly
Shared the brief with handpicked pre-vetted freelancers and boutique firms on the InsightGig network whose expertise matched the insight requirement. This was done in 24 hours!
Enabling selection
Within a week of sending out the brief, VNC Group chose Ayvole Insights, due to its high-quality proposal and demonstrated expertise in market research on building materials.
Hitting the ground running:
In turn, the Insight Partner chose a fieldwork agency from within the InsightGig network itself.


  • The project was completed on time and actioned by VNC Group within a week.
  • It was completed with an estimated savings of more than 25% vis-à-vis large agencies.

With this experience, VNC Group hopes to continue using the InsightGig platform for data-driven decision making in the future.

Client Love InsightGig!

Client Testimonials

“InsightGig helped us identify the right partner for our market research requirement quickly and easily. Rahul of Ayvole Insights executed the project end-to-end and delivered the results cost effectively and within time. The output provided an independent confirmation of our hypothesis, and we will incorporate the learning into our product launch strategy. We also gained additional insight into consumer behaviour which will be useful for our Marketing & Communications. We look forward to using the InsightGig platform for future insight requirements.”

Gokul Basker Partner, VNC Group