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Meet your new favorite teammate: InsightGig’s AI Assistant.

Purpose built for #InsightFolks, it helps you double your productivity without compromising on robustness. Find time for the Important, not just the Urgent.

Meet your new favorite teammate: InsightGig’s AI Assistant. Purpose built for #InsightFolks, it helps you double your productivity without compromising on robustness. Find time for the Important, not just the Urgent.

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Save more than 50% of the time spent on Project Prep

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Keep your insight teams dynamic and flexible with InsightGig’s Talent Marketplace. Our AI-led platform matches you with the right expert(s) for all your market research requirements. We facilitate project-level collaborations, shorter term secondments and full-time employment.
Augment Your Insight Teams with On-demand Talent
Access a Global Network of Pre-vetted Experts
Build Your Insight Practice with Global Clients & Smart Tools

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Our Testimonials

InsightGig connected us with the right experts for a complicated qualitative study. They helped us source several interviewees and arrange interviews. During this time, InsightGig was very responsive, flexible, and willing, as well as being great value for money.

Dr. Rachel Lawes Lawes Consulting, UK

InsightGig has been incredibly beneficial to our business. It's a user-friendly platform where we can connect with high-quality clients and discover meaningful projects. The diverse range of opportunities available is truly impressive, and the level of professionalism is unparalleled. We wholeheartedly recommend InsightGig and applaud the team for their invaluable role in bridging the gap between clients and market research service providers like us.

Rajesh Yadav Research Head ResearchFox

Working with the InsightGig team has been great so far. Through them, we were able to find the right expert for our insight needs. We are already seeing results through the directions they provide on an ongoing basis - in line with changes made internally, as well as in response to the external dynamics. | would highly recommend InsightGig to help companies derive better market understanding and customer alignment in an actionable and cost-effective way.

Prem K. Viswanath Head of Marketing, Vakilsearch

InsightGig helped us identify the right partner for our market research requirement quickly and easily. Rahul of Ayvole executed the project end-to- end and delivered the results cost effectively and within time. The output provided an independent confirmation of our hypothesis and we will incorporate the learning into our product launch strategy. We also gained additional insight into consumer behaviour which will be useful for our Marketing & Communications. We look forward to using the InsightGig platform for future insight requirements.

Gokul Basker Partner, VNC Group

I would like to thank team InsightGig for being our saviours in more than half a dozen circumstances in as many months, by providing us with the best fit talent for each of our requirements. You invariably understand our need in one shot and produce the right kind of experts who then go on to becoming meaningful contributors to the project at hand. You seem to have that magical ability to attract and curate good talent in the research domain. I am able to run my business with confidence, knowing that for any unexpected spurt in demand, I can reach out to InsightGig. Thanks for being such brilliant partners.

Parvati Mahadev Consulting Partner, BRANDSCAPES WORLDWIDE

The InsightGig team are friendly and professional in equal measure and offer a valuable link between research teams across the globe, wanting to collaborate on international projects.”

Tom Turner Associate Director at Green Light Research International, UK

I've had a pretty good experience partnering with InsightGig. They follow a very structured, systematic process to understand one's needs through a detailed call and then suggest different profiles as per the requirement. The expert suggested by them, who I used for a project, pulled together a really good report. InsightGig also came to the rescue when another partner who I had onboarded independently for some Content Analysis backed out at the nth hour on account of an unforeseen emergency. They were able to arrange someone else from their pool at very short notice, which was really reassuring. The proof of the pudding clearly lies in the fact that after a positive experience working with them the first time, I have chosen to go with them again for another project. Do keep it going, Team InsightGig!

Neetu Sehgal-Mahajan Founder, Antargyaan Research

Over the past few months, my organisation, QuestionPro, has had the pleasure of collaborating with InsightsGig on multiple projects and their performance has consistently exceeded our expectations. With their extensive network, they delivered a pool of highly skilled and qualified candidates for us to choose from. This not only saved us valuable time but also ensured that we had access to the best talent in the industry. The team has a deep understanding of the market research landscape and the specific skills and expertise needed to succeed in this field, which translates into consistently outstanding candidates. They are truly a valuable partner, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration in the future.

Shibani Maria Philip General Manager, APAC QuestionPro

I am a big advocate of Insightgig. Their dedication, attention to detail to the entire process of finding you the right expert is impeccable. Its such a pleasure to talk to their team and know that they are working to help you get your best out of the project. Seamless integration and very timely work delivery.

Aditi Garg Founder- Out of Syllabus, Think Tank-Trends & Forecasting

As a researcher, many a times | have wished | could get operational distractions out of the way and focus only on the core - “designing right and delivering insights delightfully towards client growth”. This now looks possible in this digital era with the upcoming InsightGig platform. Being able to access global customers, working on your own terms, and being empowered as part of the researcher community. | look forward to this bucket list being met. Hurrah to InsightGig!

Vivish Vajravel Senior Market Research Expert with 20+ Years of Experience

The InsightGig platform is a very novel concept in the area of market research. It gives the market researcher access to global customers. Since the platform takes care of marketing, it allows the researchers to focus on the project and deliverables. It also gives the researchers the freedom to work on their own terms. The platform brings together all the people who might be involved in the process of market research thus creating a global community. The promise of prompt and transparent payments through technology makes InsightGig the right platform to partner with.

Gayathri Shenoy Market Research & Data Analytics Expert

There is no common platform for freelance insight consultants to offer their services. That’s why this is an amazing initiative for providers. And for clients who struggle to find alternatives. InsightGig can bring them together from across the globe and form a vibrant community of insights professionals. InsightGig also supports providers in non-core functions so they can focus on what they love most - delivering insights. This is the future of research and insights.

Rahul Bharadwaj Ayvole, B2B Insights & Consulting

Sethukarasi and the InsightGig team are friendly and professional in equal measure and offer a valuable link between research teams across the globe, wanting to collaborate on international projects.

Tom Turner Associate Director at Green Light Research International, UK

Since we’ve started using InsightGig, we’ve found the platform to be user-friendly and conducive to finding work; all of the projects we’ve done to-date have gone smoothly from bid to project onboarding to billing. Sethukarasi and her team were communicative and helpful every step of the way. As a company, they exhibit professionalism above the industry standard and have proven that they are willing, and able, to bend over backwards to meet Probe’s needs. In our short time with them, Insight has proven that they are not just a space to meet and collaborate with others but also an asset to us as a business.

Lynette Eberhart CEO & President Probe Market, New York, USA

I am really very happy about the impact that InsightGig has had on my career. As a consultant for Market research and Insights, I am finding quality clients and meaningful projects. The platform has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for us to showcase our skills, portfolio, and expertise. The ability to bid on projects that aligned with my strengths allowed me to focus on what I do best, while leaving the administrative hassle to the platform and InsightGig team. What truly impressed me was the diversity of opportunities available on InsightGig. This variety enabled me to not only grow my income but also expand my horizons. One of the key positive aspects of InsightGig is the level of professionalism it offers. Clear communication channels provide peace of mind, ensuring that both consultants / experts and clients are protected throughout the project lifecycle. It's heartening to be part of an InsightGig that genuinely cares about each other's success. I wholeheartedly recommend InsightGIg. It's a game-changer that has transformed the way I work and thrive.

Manohara Nadig Consultant – Insights & Analytics

Octagon Insights has been associated with InsightGig for over a year now and it has been a great experience working with them. From the time we have been associated, We, at Octagon Insights, have had great projects to work on ranging from various sectors and scopes. We thank the team to have built this partnership well over the last year and we look forward to continuing to work together.

Anshu Mishra Director, Octagon Insights

Why We Built InsightGig

InsightGig is built with the best of AI-led Technology and a Deep Understanding of Market Research to help you build an Outcome Focused Insight Culture. These are the four tenets around which we built our platform.


Every business should be able to easily gain insights from all available information to make data-driven decisions.


Experimentation and learning should become an integral part of every team’s decision-making DNA.


When teams can talk to each other and share knowledge, magic happens!


Building systems of trust so that teams can stay flexible and add value.

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