Common Questions About Our Platform
We’ve compiled some of the questions we are asked most frequently by experts who want to sign up on our platform. is a talent marketplace where freelance insight experts and market research / analytics agencies can collaborate with clients on their specific Market Research, Data and Analytics Projects. As a member of the InsightGig community you will have access to all public projects being posted by the Clients, as well as private projects which you are specifically invited to participate in.

The InsightGig marketplace is purely a networking platform that allows you to view and transact on specific projects with clients, but the business relationship is ultimately between the client and the expert. Once accepted into the InsightGig Network, you become a valuable member of the InsightGig community and have access to its resources but your employment status remains a freelance consultant / business owner as before. is a marketplace where independent experts and consultants can offer their services to clients and build their business.

InsightGig offers Insight Providers access to hundreds of project requirements from customers across the globe. The Service Providers have the flexibility to pick and choose the projects that are most relevant to their specific interests and expertise. Our Intelligent Search also helps identifying the right projects for the right experts

Apart from networking and connections, the InsightGig Platform offers it’s community members with a full suite of tools that will help you with end to end management of your Insight projects right from contracting, budgeting, collaboration, project management, content curation etc.

InsightGig also provides the community with continuous Learning & Development Opportunities.

On InsightGig you are free to quote the project value directly to the customer for every project and negotiate with them for a mutually agreeable fee. As soon as the project is commissioned the customer will transfer either the entire project value or a milestone based value to the InsightGig escrow account. Once the project / milestone is completed as acceptable to both you and the client, the amount in escrow will be immediately transferred to the account details that are registered against your profile during your onboarding process. This provides a transparent payment process that is outcome driven and is fair to all parties involved.

The Platform is currently active and has continuous development to ensure new and valuable features are being constantly built in.

InsightGig has a unique interview and profile building process prior to being onboarded into the community. Once you join the InsightGig community, you become part of a system which hosts highly skilled and vetted experts. You will be able to view and express interest in projects from various clients on a daily basis. InsightGig is built to be agile and reduce the time between expressing interest and starting work on a project. Once you are part of the community, InsightGig Provides you with Tools for end to end management of your Insight Projects.

At InsightGig we are keen on building a community that offers lasting value to all its participants, hence you will have continuous opportunities to interact with other experts, brainstorm ideas and have access to resources that facilitate constant learning and development.

As the first step to becoming a part of the InsightGig Expert community, all you need to do is write in to expressing your interest and our partner engagement team will get in touch to walk you through the interview, selection and onboarding process.

Once you are invited to become a member of the community, our partner engagement team will reach out to you for a complete onboarding process which will include platform orientation, best practices and our learnings on how best to optimize our platform to build long term client relationships. Our partner engagement and support team will also be available on hand any time you have questions as you gain familiarity with the platform. Once the onboarding process is complete you have full access to search and bid for projects on the platform.

At we charge a subscription fee to be part of the community. We do not collect any % of the value of the projects you do on the platform.

Ready to sign up or have more questions?

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