Search and Discovery at InsightGig
Finding the Right Expert is the first step to reaching the best insights. That’s why we created a Search Experience that will help you find the perfect expert for your needs with the least amount of time & effort.

Your Google for Insight Experts

Natural Language Search
We wanted you to Search, the same way in which you would speak to your team. So Start your Expert Discovery process with us by simply typing in your requirements in natural language. Our intuitive Search tool recognizes the keywords from your search phrase and populates the right results for you!
Domain Specific Filters
Not all talent websites are equal when it comes to resourcing your Market Research Requirements. Our Market Research specific filters can help you search by Expertise, Research Requirement, Geography and MR Specific Services.

AI-Powered Expert Recommendations

Tired of sifting through pages of experts to make your choice? All you need to do with InsightGig is to identify one expert who fits your needs, and our custom-built Search Co-pilot can take over. Powered by OpenAI and custom built for InsightGig, it scans the entire repository of expert profiles and displays all the experts who fit the same characteristics as the one you’ve chosen, making your search process shorter in seconds.

Automated Comparison Assistant

Do you have to review multiple profiles by manually creating a comparison matrix? We took that effort away from you, with our AI-led search assistant who can create a detailed comparison of the profiles you shortlist. Use the feature to compare up to 4 experts with a single click to find the one expert who fits your criteria the best.

Curate your own Personal Expert Team

My Experts
Insight teams can now have all their go-to experts in one single place. Create your own personal on-demand expert panel with InsightGig’s My Experts section and call on them when you need them. It’s like having a direct line to your own team of superheroes!
Custom Tags
Every expert interaction with each organization and team is unique, and enduring value is created when you can collaborate using the common knowledge that is created from consistently working together. Personalize your classification of experts you work with using custom tags as key identifiers so that you or your team can contact them again for specific types of projects without having to re-search. We help you create this people repository since we believe in helping you build relationships rather than drive transactions through InsightGig.

Gain a Deep Understanding of your Experts

We realize that an expert’s right fit with your team goes beyond just a resume, so we provide Deep Expert Profiles helping you explore the expert’s strengths, weaknesses and assess their portfolio of work as you decide if they are a good fit for your needs. You can see what engagement models they are open to, the services and packages they offer, and most importantly, when they’re available to start work.