Gomathy L

Behaviour Research & Consumer Insights

Simplifying the life of the client and complete transparency can help one succeed as a consultant.
Tell us about yourself

15+ years of observing consumer behaviour and decoding the wheels that turn to drive it. An Engineer and a communications professional, I believe that a scientific approach to behaviour research can help design and create value for people across categories.

What does it mean for you to work on your own?
Flexible work timings, individual accountability and absolutely rid of a time-sucking daily commute.
How did you find your niche as an Independent Consultant?

Covid and post-covid acceptance of remote work helped professionals like me to find and thrive in remote research roles. My introversion and flexible go-with-the-flow attitude help me adapt to working independently as well as in tandem with teams across diverse time zones.

What challenges do you face as an Independent Consultant?

Participation in contextual research/ ethnographic research remains difficult owing to the nature of remote work.

How do you usually find projects/work from clients?

I prefer to work with clients from the past or reliable agencies that have strong client retention skills.

Why did you sign up with InsightGig?

I expected a highly professional recruitment agency that was trustworthy for the consultant as it was for the clients who posted projects with them.

How did InsightGig solve your challenges?

Communicating the boundaries stated by the consultant clearly without any ambiguity made for a great experience where I could focus more on the work.

How was your overall experience working with InsightGig? And how can the experience be improved?

Great experience and I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Tell us your tips on how to succeed as an Independent Consultant?
Transparency and simplification. Simplifying the life of the client and complete transparency can help succeed as a consultant.
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