Reshma Pawar

Independent Market Researcher

Building your own brand is essential to become a successful independent consultant.

Tell us about yourself

I have worked as a market research specialist for more than 10 years. I hold a graduate degree in statistics as well as a postgraduate degree in international business and marketing. Over these years, I had the privilege of working with various excellent research agencies, including GfK Mode, Kantar, and Genesis Management. I made the decision to work as an independent consultant/freelancer after seven years of full-time employment. I have been working as an independent consultant since 2020.

What does it mean for you to work on your own?

More freedom as an independent consultant to choose the kind of work you want to do and the hours you want to work. I can work remotely with more flexibility and save time on my commute thanks to it. This makes it easier to effectively manage my family and other personal things.

How did you find your niche as an Independent Consultant?

My prior work with some excellent industry professionals provided me with a solid basis for my research endeavors. Having a solid basis and working remotely allowed me to thrive as an independent consultant.

What challenges do you face as an Independent Consultant?

As an independent consultant, there are moments when you are unable to interact with and gain insight from the stakeholders who are the ultimate users of your work. Business development and finding quality employment provide another difficulty. What is next is always on your mind.

How do you usually find projects/work from clients?

It is mostly through your LinkedIn connections, ex coworkers. I have also, leveraged platforms providing opportunities to freelancer which are helpful to give you a peek into the gig world.

Why did you sign up with InsightGig?

With InsightGig, there is a trust attached. My choice to remain with InsightGig was influenced by the quality of work and compensation they provided.

How did InsightGig solve your challenges?

When it comes to onboarding, payment terms, taxes, and other matters, dealing with international clients can be time-consuming. However, InsightGig eliminates all that hassle.

How was your overall experience working with InsightGig? And how can the experience be improved?
I am associated with InsightGig since last 2 years and overall, the experience has been good.
Tell us your tips on how to succeed as an Independent Consultant?
Establishing a positive rapport with the client can be facilitated by timely delivery of your work and open, honest communication. Building your own brand is essential to become a successful independent consultant over the long run since it will enable you to grow.
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